Before you begin your mortgage application process, have you really dedicated the time and effort that’s really needed to ensure that you’ve found the best loan? There are literally dozens of lenders in Australia, some being more reputable than others, and if you end up signing up to a deal from one that offers fairly standard features; your finances might end up suffering in the long run.

At Atomic Martini, we prefer to take an unbiased approach to loan comparisons, in fact we’ve helped countless clients to find deals on the best home loans imaginable – many of which have been featured in our very own Top Mortgages 2016 list. As rates and terms are prone to changing from time to time we decided to dedicate a large team to comparing loans, as and when the market experiences an influx.

The results? An up to date comparison service that promises to find the most flexible and affordable deals and loans – all for our audiences to take advantage of.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We’ve been working within the financial industry for a very long time – fifteen years in fact – and during that time we have witnessed incredible loans, as well as those that needed to be avoided. We’ve watched the markets climb and fall, and if there’s one thing that we’ve discovered it’s how to predict these fluctuations to help our audiences pick the best time to apply.

We don’t just offer these services however, we also cater to those in need of expert comparisons and many of our team specialise in brokering services as standard. Our professional agents can approach lenders, source their latest deals, compare the rates with others out there and then narrow down your options – to present you with the best opportunities.

We do all of this without bias and as we work independently and outside of the protocols dictated by banks and lenders; you’ll be able to rest assured that our findings will always be fair and organic. If we find a great deal from a particular bank, then we’ll have no qualms in presenting those findings to you.

If, on the other hand, we notice a bank trying to pull a fast one, or if we spot them trying to insert unsavoury terms into their agreements – we will also share this information with you as well. So, whether you simply want a little advice before you put your application forward, or if you just want to cut out the excess and get your application process moving; our team are here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!